Love in Covid times: portraits of medical staff

While most Colombians spent more time than usual with their relatives during a quarantine that lasted 160 days, between March 24 and August 31, medical staff that attend Covid-19 emergency experienced the opposite. Some doctors decided to move away from their parents,...

Diana fled from Colombia due to threats

Twelve years later of being attacked with acid while she was pregnant, Diana and her son, Andrés, fled from Colombia due to death threats. Photo essay about Diana’s daily life and how she recovered her vanity.

Beyond than a pink ribbon

Every year 2646 women die because of breast cancer in Colombia, according to the World Health Organization. Portraits of surviving women of the mastectomy.

Samara, a Zika daughter

Zamara Velásquez Corcino, 3, is one of them, as a result of her mother, Eliana, 38, contracted an asymptomatic Zika during her pregnancy in 2016.

From a guerrillero to a dancer

Marvin Rodríguez Martínez, 28, is a former guerrillero of the FARC. After leaving the FARC, Rodríguez started to learn dancing. At 2015 the artist founded Afrodance.